Reading Intervention Session

Does it work?

The programme has a solid research base.  Research at the Centre for Reading and Language, University of York since 2003 has demonstrated the effectiveness of the programme. The programme is one of those highlighted by Professor Greg Brooks   as an effective wave 3 intervention for literacy. The vast majority of children who receive the programme make very good progress. Most make accelerated progress and reduce the gap between themselves and their peers. The average gain in reading made by children in North Yorkshire is ten months progress in reading over ten weeks: this translates as a ratio gain of 4 (a ratio gain of 1.0 means that the child is progressing at a normal/average pace but will not catch up with their peers) A ratio gain of 4 is described as ‘substantial progress’ The average gain in writing is three sub levels over the ten weeks

See the Interventions for Literacy website for more information.

Will it work for all children?

Reading Intervention is seen as an intervention best deployed within Key Stage 1 and is suitable for the lowest 5% of learners.  Early intervention is the key to ensuring high self esteem and motivation. However the programme has been used for older children (in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3) with great success.  The programme has been used for a wide range of children with literacy difficulties including those identified as having dyslexia. Children with significant speech and language and difficulties would benefit from an intervention aimed at addressing these needs prior to having The Reading Intervention Programme.