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Parish Council

Moor Monkton Parish Council currently consists of up to five local people elected or co-opted to represent parishioners at the first level of local government. Our aims are to provide and maintain community facilities, represent our parishioners' rights and views to other authorities and to help guide the development of the village to the benefit of the residents whilst preserving its historic character.

From this page you can access Minutes, Agendas, statutory documents and a contact form.

Agendas for the meetings

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Grant Application Forms

The Councillors have agreed a policy for dealing with requests for grants. If you wish to apply for a grant, please complete and send the form (listed below) using the guidance provided.

Applicants must complete a Grant Application Form and submit it to the Clerk of the Parish Council on or before 1st January prior to the financial year that funding is required. Financial years run from 1st April in each calendar year.

You can download a copy from the link below (the form will open in a new window on your browser)

Download grant form

Minutes of Parish Council meetings

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The current Parish Councillors are:

Rod Goddard

Roderick Goddard

chairman email


Donald Wilkinson

Donald Wilkinson email

Katy Lazzerini image

Katy Lazzerini

Katy Lazzerini email

Warren Philliskirk

Warren Philliskirk

Warren Philliskirk email


Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson email

parish clerk

Linda Goddard

Parish Clerk
parish clerk email

Further details can be found on the Harrogate Borough Website

Parish Council Reports and announcements

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Use this form to contact the Parish Council